Benchmark has prepared new processes and pathways to improve yields on traditional biofuel feed stocks. While new varieties of Corn and Grain Sorghum are under developing, Benchmark is ready to implement in the first plant, a crop with a history of successful cultivation and production in Florida. Sweet Sorghum has been grown in Florida for over 100 years.

Sweet Sorghum is a non-food crop and is not subject to commodity pricing risks. Sorghum will be grown for Bio-Fuel. In suitable climate, sweet sorghum allows for two to two and a half harvests per growing season. This long growing season makes production tonnage more competitive than all other sources of sugar. Sorghum can be grown on marginal quality soil and only needs minimal water for irrigation. Compared to other crops, sweet sorghum needs only one-third the water required by corn.

Utilizing Camelina ( mustard seed ) as a rotational crop, in addition  the company is able to produce drop-in aviation Bio-Jet fuel .

New USDA multiseed grain sorghum hybrids are also used to produced bio-fuel and DDG meals.