As part of the process of creating the most advanced bio-fuel facility to date, the company continues to assess the expected Carbon Footprint of the project. The objective of the company is to implement a cost effective process to identify the total set of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) generated by the project,  in order to maximize the eco-sustainable energy use.

By utilizing Enterprise Carbon Accounting (“ECA”) techniques we are able to identify critical areas on the production lifecycle of the Bio-fuel to implement sustainable solutions that will allow the company to minimize greenhouse emissions, complying and exceeding current Kyoto Protocol CO2e emissions.

The expected compliance will enable the company to issue Carbon Credit Certificates (Carbon Offsets certificates or Certified Emission Reduction CER) that can be traded in the international mandatory markets.  

One area of particular interest involve the Air Quality Control Systems (“AQCS”) associated with the combined heat and power (“CHP”) units.  Recently we have started discussions with GE Power regarding their AQCS technology for power generation. GE has been providing customers with advanced AQCS for over 80 years.

By implementing GE’s AQCS, we are assured to comply with today’s US Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) stringent emission regulations, as well as those in the international markets.

During our discussions, we learned that GE recently acquired ALSTOM ENERGY business.  ALSTOM is a leading manufacturer of Power Generators (Thermal and Renewable).  Our strategic partner company in Brazil, NG Metalurgica recently signed a cooperation agreement with ALSTOM for Steam Turbines.

We expect great synergies to develop between NG Metalurgica and GE-ALSTOM   that will greatly benefit the implementation of the projects.

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