Future for Bio-fuels in the Caribbean

On Wednesday May 25, the company was invited to participate as a panelist in a Bio-fuel feed stock meeting held in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica "Petrojam" commissioned an independent study to review the current and future technologies available to produce bio-fuels and the potential crops to be utilized.

Dr. Ruth Potopsingh, PHD,  presented the findings during the meeting attended by multiple stakeholders. Cellulose technology bio-fuels were identified from multiple feed-stocks as a future opportunity, but the production costs are still higher than conventional bio-fuels. For the now opportunity the study zeroed-in three feed stocks, Sugar Cane, Cassava and Sorghum's. Sweet Sorghum was reported as the highest yielding cost-benefit value for the production of bio-fuels.

The company presented the business case for the advanced bio-fuel production utilizing sweet sorghum as the feed stock, receiving multiple positive comments and support by all present.

Most of the Caribbean Islands have or are in the process of implementing a Renewable Fuel Standard ("RFS"). In the case of Jamaica they have in place a 10% ("E10") blend of bio-fuel with gasoline. Recently, they have initiated discussions regarding moving public transportation to E15 and E85.

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