On August 29, the Mexico energy regulators published a new ethanol rule in the country’s federal registry. The new rule requires that 5.8 % ethanol be blended in the nation’s fuel supply with the exception of three major metropolitan areas (Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey).

The new regulation, to be enacted immediately, requires that approximately 600 million new gallons of ethanol per year be blended for the Mexican market.

The new ethanol requirements could be produced in Mexico, Texas and/or Central America-Caribbean.


During August, India’s Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan outlined a plan to increase the Bio-fuel market in India 750 % by 2022.

The plan calls for a target of 5 % blending of bio-diesel and 10 % blend of ethanol in gasoline. Currently the bio-fuel industry in India is trying to achieve a 5 % blend of bio-fuels both in diesel and gasoline. The new targets require the construction of multiple new ethanol plants as well as further development of bio-fuel distribution infrastructure.

India is a world leader producer of Sugar Cane but the government is looking to boost ethanol production from alternate feed stocks.


The company is already holding preliminary discussions on these two markets.


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