E15 to be approved for year-round sales

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is beginning a formal rulemaking process to allow year-round sales of E15 nationwide. Currently, E15 (gasoline containing 15% ethanol) cannot be sold during the summer months in most of the country.

The summertime ban on E15 is the result of a burdensome, decades-old regulation that offers no environmental or economic benefit whatsoever. Eliminating the summertime barrier to E15 will save consumers money and reduce emissions, enhance competition, and provide a boost to the farm and ethanol producer’s economy.

EPA has already issued a waiver allowing the use of E15 in all vehicles built in 2001 or later. This means roughly 90% of all vehicles on the road today are legally approved to use E15.

The infrastructure to use E15 is already in place and growing. Thanks to USDA’s Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership grant program and ethanol industry initiatives like Prime the Pump, E15 is available at more than 1,200 stations across 29 states and growing.

E15 offers consumers greater choice at the pump, lower prices, higher octane, and cleaner air.

The current domestic demand for fuel ethanol is approximately 15 Billion Gallons per year. The new E15 approval is expected to boost demand, up to six to seven billion gallons more.