Global Ethanol Demand Escalating

The global demand for bio-ethanol and other bio-fuels continues to increase.

Chinese independent oil refiners are starting to buy ethanol to meet China’s new regulations of 10% mandatory ethanol blend into gasoline by 2020.

China is the world’s third largest producer of ethanol after The United States and Brazil. Although a distant third (China’s 2 billion gallons per year vs. 15 billion gallons per year in The United States), China’s ethanol market is set to grow 10% in 2018 but expected to quadruple when the new fuel blending regulation becomes mandatory in 2020.

Three large independent Chinese refineries are applying for blending permits and import licenses.

On March 19, the Australian  Prime Minister, Hon. Bob Katter, has declared bio-fuel a matter of national security.

Katter said that Australia is one of the only countries that have no indigenous supply of oil and that every other country has moved into ethanol. He is proposing a new massive program of producing ethanol from sugar cane, an energy security model that Brazil has implemented successfully.

We anticipate intense demand for bio-fuels to continue along with demand of better production technologies and advanced equipment.

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