U.S. Consumers Saving Money Thanks to Bio-Fuels

A new study released by the Renewable Fuels Association, confirms that consumers are saving money at the gas pump because ethanol.

 The study of wholesale gasoline and ethanol price data shows that blending E10 has reduced wholesale gasoline prices by at least 27 cents per gallon, or 14 percent, compared to ethanol-free gasoline.

Ten percent (E10) blends alone could save consumers at least $39 billion this year, $45 billion if E15 were allowed to be sold nationwide and year-round.

 The national average retail price for regular grade gasoline was $2.85/gallon last week (April 2018),  the highest price since November 2014.

 E10 is already saving consumers $306 per household, this year. If the U.S. would implement year-round E15 sales, the Renewable Fuels Association show that users would increase savings to $386 per year.

 While gas prices continue to rise, ethanol is serving as a stabilizing force that is helping to keep pump prices in check.

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