Benchmark Design LLC (BMK) is a 70 year old company heading the  development of process design and equipment utilizing sweet sorghum as the feed stock.

Benchmark will also utilize both internal resources and subcontractors to have all the equipment fabricated. BMK has also developed and coordinated the utilization of co-products from agricultural operations into developing other advanced by-products such as drop-in aviation biodiesel and organic acids for the production of bio-degradable plastics.

BMK technology includes trade secrets, copyrights and patented equipment for use in BRE’s Project. Among some of the proprietary technology that will enable unique efficiencies at the production facility are:

1. Patented vinasse concentration system utilizing energy from the distillation/dehydration unit.
2. Patented pre-drying fiber system, linked to the CHP.
3. Patented pre-flash system integrated to distillation.
4. Fiber presses specifically designed for sorghum sugar extractions
5. Patented diffuser custom designed for sweet sorghum
6. Process patents utilizing the above combination of equipment




N.G. Metalurgica of Brazil (, a 15 year old company that has built 150 distillation and dehydration units in Brazil has a joint venture with BMK to build key components of the plant.

Under BMK Technology and Engineering, NG has and continues to build equipment for the Brazilian ethanol industry




B&G is a world-class construction company and the selected Engineering Procurement Contractor (EPC) for the Advanced Bio-Fuel plants. They deliver the construction and start up of each plant under a turn-key , not to exceed , bonded contract. 

BB&C offers a wide variety of steam, fire and automation technologies.  Backed by dedication to customer service and innovative solutions, BB&C one of the premier suppliers of burners, boilers and controls. 

Over the last several years, BSI Engineering has executed projects for more than100 different clients in the chemical, specialty chemical, renewable fuel, pharmaceutical and food industries, including BASF (Cincinnati, OH; Kankakee, IL;Sparks, GA; Erie, PA), Emery Oleochemicals (Cincinnati, OH), Endicott Biofuels (Houston, TX), INEOS (formerly Bayer Addyston, OH), NuFarm Americas (Burr Ridge, IL), United Wisconsin Grain Producers (UWGP), LyondellBasell, Fort Amanda Specialties (FAS), AK Steel, Procter & Gamble, Color Resolutions International (CRI), Osage Bio Energy, Messier-Bugatti, Shepherd Chemical, Genentech and Energy Systems Group, to name a few.

Benchmark Design LLC and BSI Engineering have project's teaming agreements on the following engineering disciplines:

- Mechanical/Process equipment

- Detail Engineering

- Structural Engineering

- Instrumentation and Controls

BSI has over 150 engineers on staff.

The first 4 effect/4 stage alcohol driven TASTE evaporator, engineered and designed by BMK, installed and operating in SHELL Brazil.